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Affordable and remanufactured products as good as new

What is HP Renew

A positive way to reduce the impact of products that are no longer being utilised but are in perfectly good condition, is to remanufacture them. HP offers such products through the HP Renew program.

These are products that have been returned for a variety of reasons and then put through a rigorous remanufacturing and testing process to bring them back to "same as new" in terms of condition and performance. HP Renew products are not to be confused with "used" products. Instead they are high quality products that are completely remanufactured by certified HP technicians. HP Renew offers an extensive portfolio of returned equipment that has been completely remanufactured. All HP Renew products are Factory-Certified to be as good as new with performance equal to new. 

How are HP Renew products remanufactured?

Remanufactured HP Renew products undergo a rigorous process to completely restore them to their original factory condition and performance. Every enterprise product in the HP Renew portfolio is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the same stringent standards as new products, and once verified, the HP Renew are backed by the full original HP warranty. In addition, service and support options are equivalent to that offered with new HP products and the most current software revisions are also installed.

When are HP Renew remanufactured products better?

If your IT budget is lean, then HP Renew remanufactured enterprise products can offer a high quality, fully warranted solution at a low cost. HP Renew offers the lastest HP technology, older generation equipment that is no longer available as new, and everything in between. For some applications, the latest, greatest technology is a must. In other cases, a remanufactured product is simply a better choice. 

Why buy HP Renew?

An excellent price-performance ratio
Purchasing a remanufactured product from HP Renew offers the same peace of mind provided with a new product with a discount that is at least 15% off the equivalent new product price.


More value for money

A Renew product has the exact same functionality, stability and performance as a new HP product. The HP Renew idea is to establish a guarantee that you will have the same positive experience with a surplus product, as with a full priced product - just at a very attractive price. You can save up to 30% on a Renew product compared to a similar new HP product.

Great value

Save at least 15% with remanufactured HP products, offering the same reliability, functionality and warranty as new HP products. HP Renew delivers high performance, low cost solutions where price really counts.


HP certified quality

HP Renew products undergo complete remanufacturing and testing processes, fully restoring them to meet HP's stringent quality standards and ensuring they meet all original factory specifications


Full HP warranty

Original HP quality with the same performance as new products.


HP Renew ensures that returned or trial units are thoroughly remanufactured so they can be fully utilized and don't end up unnecessarily wasted.

Guarantee of quality

Purchasing a remanufactured product from HP Renew offers the same peace of mind provided with a new product with a discount that is at least 15% off the equivalent new product price.

The HP Renew products are categorized into 3 groups - Gold, Silver or Bronze - each with different qualities and prices. 


Condition new. 
Packaging Original. 
Warranty: Full HP warranty. 



Condition: New or demo with cosmetic marks. 
Packaging: Original 
Warranty: Full HP warranty



Condition: Like silver, but may have scratches on plastic parts (not on display) 
Packaging: Original 
Warranty: Full HP warranty


Full HP warranty


All HP Renew products are covered by full HP warranty as new retail products. This means that HP Renew is always a safe and reliable solution.

Product Portfolio

The HP Renew product program covers a wide range of products covering tablets, notebooks, desktops, workstations. 

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