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Lenovo - Power cable - IEC 60320 C13 to IEC 60320 C14 - 3.7 m - for ThinkAgile HX2320 Appliance; ThinkSystem NE2580; ThinkSystem SR850 V2; SR860 V2

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Product specifications

Product Description Lenovo power cable - IEC 60320 C13 to IEC 60320 C14 - 3.7 m
Manufacturer Warranty 1-year warranty
Type Power cable
Length 3.7 m
Connector Power IEC 60320 C13
Designed For Storage DX8200; System x3250 M3; x3250 M4; x3250 M6; x3300 M4; x3500 M4; x3630 M3; x3850 M2; x3950 X5; ThinkAgile HX2320 Appliance; HX3721 Certified Node; ThinkAgile VX 1SE Certified Node; ThinkAgile VX3520-G Appliance; ThinkSystem DB630, NE2580; ThinkSystem SR250; SR590; SR670; SR850 V2; SR860 V2
Connector (Second End) Power IEC 60320 C14

General features

Type Power cable
Length 3.7 m


Connector Power IEC 60320 C13
Connector (Second End) Power IEC 60320 C14

Shipping dimensions

Service & Support 1-year warranty

Compatible with

Designed For IBM 25U Standard Rack, 42U Standard Rack ¦ IBM NetBAY 25 Standard, 42 Standard, 42 Standard Expansion ¦ IBM S2 Standard Rack Cabinet ¦ Lenovo Storage DX8200C 5120 ¦ Lenovo System x3250 M3 ¦ Lenovo System x3250 M4 ¦ Lenovo System x3250 M6 ¦ Lenovo System x3300 M4 ¦ Lenovo System x3500 M4 ¦ Lenovo System x3630 M3 7377 ¦ Lenovo System x3850 M2 ¦ Lenovo System x3950 X5 ¦ Lenovo ThinkAgile HX2320 Appliance 7X83 ¦ Lenovo ThinkAgile HX3721 Certified Node 7Y88 ¦ Lenovo ThinkAgile VX 1SE Certified Node 7Z58 ¦ Lenovo ThinkAgile VX3520-G Appliance 7Y94 ¦ Lenovo ThinkSystem DB630S, NE2580O RackSwitch ¦ Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250 ¦ Lenovo ThinkSystem SR590 ¦ Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 7Y37 ¦ Lenovo ThinkSystem SR850 V2 7D32 ¦ Lenovo ThinkSystem SR860 V2 7Z60
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