Lenovo Distributed Power Interconnect

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Lenovo Distributed Power Interconnect - Power distribution unit - AC 250 V (IEC 60309) - for Storage DX8200; System x3250 M2; x3620 M3; x3655; x3755; ThinkAgile HX3721 Certified Node

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The new IBM Distributed Power Interconnect (DPI) is a cost-effective solution for xSeries customers looking for an efficient power distribution product for the rack environment. This high-density PDU is ideal for extending and enhancing the levels of availability while supporting even the most power-demanding servers. While primarily designed for xSeries servers, it also supports mid-range and high-end server products. It is a rack-based product that can: speed installation; save money; decrease amount of cabling required; increase solution management.


Native product specifications.

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Product specifications

Product Description Lenovo Distributed Power Interconnect - power distribution unit
Device Type Power distribution unit
Input Voltage AC 250 V
Designed For eServer 326m 7969; eServer xSeries 226 8488, 8648; 236 8841; 260 8865; 336 8837; 346 8840; Storage DX8200C 5120; System x3200 4362, 4363; x3250 4364, 4365; x3250 M2; x3455 7984; x3550 7978; x3620 M3; x3655; x3755; x3800 8865, 8866; ThinkAgile HX3721 Certified Node 7Y88
Output connectors 1 x power IEC 60309

General features

Device Type Power distribution unit


Input Voltage AC 250 V
Power Output Connectors Details 1 x power IEC 60309
Max Electric Current 63 A

Compatible with

Designed For IBM eServer 326m 7969 ¦ IBM eServer xSeries 226 8488, 8648 ¦ IBM eServer xSeries 236 8841 ¦ IBM eServer xSeries 260 8865 ¦ IBM eServer xSeries 336 8837 ¦ IBM eServer xSeries 346 8840 ¦ Lenovo Storage DX8200C 5120 ¦ Lenovo System x3200 4362, 4363 ¦ Lenovo System x3250 4364, 4365 ¦ Lenovo System x3250 M2 ¦ Lenovo System x3455 7984 ¦ Lenovo System x3550 7978 ¦ Lenovo System x3620 M3 ¦ Lenovo System x3655 ¦ Lenovo System x3755 ¦ Lenovo System x3800 8865, 8866 ¦ Lenovo ThinkAgile HX3721 Certified Node 7Y88
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